Thursday, December 16, 2010

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

So my last post was a teaser for what was to come. Today it snowed for 5 hours straight, Below is some pictures as it gradually gets deeper and deeper. It was fun to watch it snow and see the change from dusted over to ALL WHITE. Kathryn loved playing in it. She's a fan, and mom, she even loved eating it.
I found out that we are missing some key elements of snow gear.
1. snow shovel
2. sand/salt
3. water proof WARM gloves - how can we build a snowman without these
4. snow boots- how do we trapce around the park without these
5. snow pants - how can we go sledding without these
6. Sled/ snow disc of some sort - see #5 can't really go sledding without a sled.
7. water proof snow suit for Charlotte- can't play in the snow if I have to hold her all the time, need a wagon with a cover to pull her around in so I can put loads of blankets around her and keep her warm

Just some ideas if anyone is looking for things we might need this year!

I love this picture! Look at that snow fall right on her tongue!
After all is done this is the after math of the 5 hour snow fall!
Where's the turtle???

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Captain Micah said...

Snow is still a four-letter word in my book. I think living in North Dakota for four winters did that to me...I was never so happy to throw away an ice scraper as when I drove into The Valley to live!