Saturday, January 22, 2011

Kathryn loves the Snow

We've only had a few snow's this winter, which I am grateful for. But Kathryn would so, like a lot more snow.
It was so cold that day so I was freezing. and holding Charlotte, so I made the excuse of having to come back in cause Charlotte was cold, but I"m sure it was just me as I had her bundled up pretty good. Kathryn sure had fun the 10 or so minutes we were out there. I don't have snow shoes so I wrapped my shoes in plastic bags and that worked great.

We made a ice skating rink in our turtle. Kathryn liked trying to break the ice the first day and then got into trying to skate on it or rather stand in her boots and try not to slip and fall.

Kathryn got a little snow shovel for christmas and she's only gotten to use it a couple times but the times she did need it she had a blast.
We tried a ice experiment and put this cup of orange juice outside to freeze that night and this is what we got the next morning.
You can't really see it but that says it's just over 20 degree's. I can't believe I can stand outside in that kind of weather and not totally FREEZE to death.
This is our fish pond that is and has been frozen on top for at least 2 months now and the fish underneath are still swimming around, slowly but still swimming. See the orange, red that's the fish moving around.
Our snowman after one day of melting.

Kathryn wanted to put a hat on the snowman like frosty!

I think our winter might be almost over. Spring is just around the corner. I can't wait for spring and the flowers and leaves to start to bud. I'm so grateful that this winter wasn't as bad as last years snowmageden.

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