Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas 2010

Pictures not in any particular order but here is our Christmas in a nutshell. I didn't get a lot of pictures but Matthew did some video that someday he'll have time to download, edit and have her your viewing pleasure.

Matching Christmas outfits! I got these after Christmas at Walmart for $9 total. Two shirts and two pants!
Matthew got Kathryn these big foam letters. It was fun having a 'rug' in the family room for a few days. Now I think it will be a play mat for the girls bedroom.

I learned to make better snowflakes. See a few Christmas tree's and the sort of Snowman in them!

Her new outfit and lots of toys that make up our floor. This was our floor for a few days. TOYS, TOY, TOYS!

These next few are our Christmas grinch/ santa clause. Matthew made a green suit for video but this worked out well for Santa grinch.

Christmas Tree snowflake!

Talking with the family on Skype for Christmas

Kathryn's gift from her Aunt Jolene. I think this is awesome!

Charlotte wasn't really into the whole tearing the paper like I thought she might but then again she was sick.

It snowed on Christmas for a few minutes. It was fun for some pictures and to say it snowed on Christmas.

Kathryn was funny at first. She got this in her stocking and wanted to go paint and not open up her other gifts. so we let her. after this painting though she got into the opening of presents and wanted to open them all regardless of who they were for.

My new PJ's

Charlotte's new PJ's

Kathryn's new Pj's

We tried to stay in a budget this year which I say I did pretty well staying with in that but I did get Matthew some pants and a long sleeve shirt. And Matthew said he wanted to get me something good since the last few years Christmas and birthday have been well in his words not his best times. So he with the help of my VT got me a nice Sewing Machine. Just what I need for doing little sewing jobs for clothes for the girls. I can't wait to get started and use my clothing budget on stuff I can sew! We'll have to see if I can have a craft budget too. we'll see.
Anyway it was a good Christmas even if Charlotte threw up on the foam letters.

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Rogers Family said...

awesome pics! Love the grinch costume!! LOL