Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I wanted to see the Ant Swim

Kathryn has a great imagination. Just a funny thing I surely want to remember.

We were at a friends house doing VT and just playing . The kids were playing out on their patio and grass and having a good time with blankets and just having fun when I look up and Kathryn is standing at the door with a puddle under her. Yes she just stood there and peed her pants. She doesn't do that much anymore so it was weird to see her do that. So as I was cleaning her up I asked her why she didn't come in and use the potty she replied, "I had to pee on a BAD ANT". I laughed out loud.

Later that day I asked what she thought would happen to the ant and her witty reply was "I wanted to see it Swim!" Hilarious.

And I thought boys were the ones with problems peeing on things or with an affinity for peeing outside.

Kathryn loves to pee outside. We've been on a few walks were that has needed to be done but now every time we're even just on the patio she wants to pee outside. Silly girl!

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Jamie said...

Oh my, that is just too funny!