Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy Halloween

So my sister Shelley got this idea of making an advent calendar for Halloween. She has a tutorial on her website on how this is done if you want to make one. It was quite simple. Kathryn likes to get the little goodies out of the bottom pockets. Lucky for me I didn't put candy in the bottom. I got little fun Halloween erasers. She likes the one with the black cat on it.

I love Halloween! Well I love all holidays that I can decorate for. I got this calendar and a fun table clothe with spider webs on it. Those are my additions for this year. I limit my self to 1 or 2 new things a year.
I think I'm going to go with the Lion for Kathryn. That won out fair and square. I might do both for different parties though so we can get some good pictures of both! I can't wait!

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shannonb said...

OK... so first thing I noticed when looking at your blog is the baby counter at the top.... and yet there's no mention of that in your post???? So, spill the beans momma! When are you due? Soooo excited for you!!!!!