Sunday, October 18, 2009

Glucose test... Already...

Since I had gestational Diabetes with Kathryn my doctor said he wanted me to take the 3 hour glucose test early. and if I'm not this time I'll have to do the same 3 hour test again later on when you normally have it at like 28-30 weeks.

In my mind I was thinking maybe I should just have the diabetes so I don't have to do this dang test again. But then logic came to me and said YOU DON'T WANT TO BE DIABETIC!!!! Take the stupid test again.

So I got myself ready and fasted the night before and morning. No food or drink and went in bright and early Monday morning and to the dismay of the technician and myself I am not hydrated enough and my blood is not flowing. The lady asked if I had drank anything and I said no cause that is what the paper telling me what to do said and she was like no no you have to drink water or we won't be able to get any blood going. So with two pokes of a needle and no blood she sent me home. to come back another day to try again.

So I went on Thursday morning and drank a lot of water and well the tech still had a hard time finding my veins. But I didn't want to come back so for only 5 pokes instead of the 4 I was supposed to have I was set. And I only got one bruise for all those pokes.

I got to prepare my Sharing time lesson while waiting the first hour and then read magazines the next hour and then read talks and the Liahona that I brought the 3rd hour.

My Sharing Time was Awesome today. We had our primary program today. I was told this is like the worst day to have sharing time but it was fantastic. It couldn't have gone any better!

Anyway, I haven't gotten a call back from my Doc so I hope that is a good sign. I really don't want to have to prick my finger for the whole pregnancy. It was bad enough the last month and a half last time.

I feel like my belly is getting bigger already. I don't like wearing a belt so my pants sag under my belly. I'll have to get the maternity clothes from my sister Rachel as soon as she's done with them in a week or so. She's having her first BOY on the 21st. well that's my guess anyway! Until then I get to sag my pants cause I don't like anything tight on my tummy.

Oh yeah the yucky feeling isn't as persistent anymore. But I have this awful taste in my mouth most of the time. I hope no one is close enough to be able to tell how awful it actually is. if you have I'm sorry. I try to keep mints or mouth wash handy.

well things couldn't be better today. I look great in my purple maternity dress and the program and sharing time were a success. Now we will be going to my parents for family BBQ dinner. Its been a great day!

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Michelle said...

What an amazing mommy! Going through pregnancy can sure have it's difficulties...and yet be such a joy because of the miracle of it all!! Enjoy! LY!