Thursday, October 22, 2009

Shones Dam - Snowflake

Over Conference weekend we went to Snowflake to watch with Matthew's parents. It was a nice trip but I think next time we'll plan more in advance.

In the middle of the sessions on Saturday we loaded up the car with Brian and Julie's kids and Carolina and went to Shones Dam. For some fun rock climbing. I got some pictures of Kathryn and Matthew took his new Video camera and fly Cam to see how it would work.
He posted the video footage on YouTube. Check it out. This camera is awesome.

Kathryn did really good climbing on all those rocks. I was amazed. She loved it. Well no wonder anytime she see's a rock she has to pick it up or say "rock, rock".

I have to add this one is as it's just so cute. She found Grandma Weir's gardening hat and wore that around the place. She was so cute!

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