Thursday, October 22, 2009

Random Pics of Kathryn

This past weekend we spent at home and well Kathryn was a whirlwind of messes. This is just one of the messes. Yes she was playing with the trash can. I've put it up high were she can't get it anymore.
Kathryn doesn't always like shopping with me.
She loves to put things on her head. This box is usually the holder of the blocks and Army men. This means that they are strewn all over the floor somewhere.
I got out all of my bracelets the other day and Kathryn had a blast with them. The only bad part was that she wanted Matthew to wear them too and most of them didn't fit on Matthew's hands. Lately she's loved having anything on her wrist or on her fingers. We have some wooden stacking rings that she's been putting on her fingers. It's so cute.

Anyway I've not liked that I haven't put any pictures on lately so here's a few of my little girl. Man she's sure growing up.

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