Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Charlotte's getting around

Charlotte has really become proficient with her walker.  She's getting so strong.  She can almost run with the walker.   I've taken her to the store and she walked the whole time.   I do have to go when I don't have anywhere to be, because she gets distracted easy and since I can't hold her hand, it's really all up to her.  with a little guidence...

Her vocabulary has also sky rocketed.  Two months ago her developmental Therapist said she was maybe a little behind but now this month she's ahead of the game.   She almost always says she doesn't really need to come but keeps track of the all over picture for Charlotte.   I think she wants to keep Charlotte as a client cause she's so cute and easy!

She's even starting to say multiple word sentences.  

That's mine.  Hold you.   Carolin, Daddy's tickling me.

Her favorite foods right now are string cheese and hot dogs and Cherrios.  She usually wakes up and the first thing out of her mouth is Hot Dog,  or Cherrios!  I like the Cherrios.  Not so much the Hot dog part.

She turns 2 this month.  I can't believe I was in San Fransico 2 years ago.  It seems like forever ago.    Charlotte is such a delight to have in our family.  She brightens everyones day.  Always so happy.  Everyone loves our Charlotte.  Matthew says she's really the only talker in her nursery class at church.  She also know's that after sacrement meeting is over she goes straight to nursery.  She walks right on over with her walker.

Oh I have to mention she LOVES babies! She can make them smile! They all love her too. She's so good with them.

Last years Easter picture.   Heres our beautiful Easter bunny!    Happy Easter everyone!

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