Sunday, July 8, 2012

I have a big Walker now!

Charlotte took her first unassisted steps on June 6, 2012!!  That was an exciting day.    Now a month later  she walks all over the house.  Whenever she can she's walking.  We even just got a walker from the SB group here from their Loan Closet and well, I'm not so sure she needs it.   maybe for Long distances but I am so happy for her progress right now. 

She is our big walker right now.  It's so fun to see her try and try again!  She is so determined.   This is so fun because she'll for sure be walking circles around us by her 30 month visit to the MOMS evaluation in January!  I can't wait to show her off!   Well and how beautiful my little girl is! 

I also don't feel as overwhelmed having a new baby coming in November.  Charlotte will be able to get around without me having to do all the carrying!  maybe by then she'll be able to get out to the car on her own.   That would be a blessing.  Right now I have to hold her hand the whole way there.   But if she could get even down our steps I could help her down the curb and into the car. 

Here's to an amazing Future!

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