Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Valentines day!

I got the girls matching outfits for V-Day. They got the skirts too but Kathryn didn't want to wear hers and well Charlotte has been on Antibiotics and they have been making her have really bad diarrhea which make for having matching outfits for very long hard. So needless to say I didn't get any other pictures then this one with them in their shirts. Another day and they will be all prettied up and cute for pictures.

We tried pink eggs this morning. Kathryn wasn't so sure about them but after she had a bite and it tasted the same she was all for them. She even asked today when I got out and egg for my breakfast if I was going to make it pink.

Here they are. So cute I know. I guess it has been a little cold for a short skirt but I bought them in mind to were their tights under them.

We made cookies. I need to get more cookie cutters as this star one I have is the only big cookie cutter I have.

Charlotte's just chill'an as we decorate the cookies. I've since found out she is a big fan of cookies. She'll munch on cookies and sweets for that matter all day if I let her.

Some finished product.

Matthew even got in on the fun!
We had a nice day for Valentines day. I put cut out hearts all over the house and watched Charlie Brown's Valentine Special. what better way to celebrate love day with Charlie Brown and the little Red haired girl.

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