Friday, May 8, 2009

Fruit of my labors

So last night we had the first bits of veggies from the garden. It all tasted so yummy. I had a few beets and some swiss chard. The beets were sweet and the swiss chard was just so yummy. Even Matthew had some chard and a little bite of the beets. I think its so cool to be able to eat food that I grew. I've never done that before. I'm glad i had enough yard to do it. Next growing season I'll try so more.

I do have a whole lot of squash getting ready to grow. Lots of blossoms and yesterday I went out and they're are some inch long squash out there. I can't wait for some of those too.

A little bit of Lettuce

Swiss Chard



DaNelle & Kevin said...

GO Heather! i'm jealous, I want a garden! yum beets.

Sankat said...

yay!! How fun, I am glad your garden is going so well...mine isn't.

Jessalee said...

Mine is growing but have yet to produce anything. I am so jealous.

shannonb said...

Yumm, sounds like a great garden. I would love to do that, but our yard isn't quite big enough for one, especially with having a big dog. Good job!!!!!