Friday, May 8, 2009

Fun Fun Fun and more Fun!

This post will be just pictures of some fun things Kathryn has been able to do the last few weeks.
I got another Culture Pass, this time for the Arizona Museum for Youth. This is Play Heaven for Kathryn. She probably would have loved staying there forever. I'm thinking my next christmas present for us is a pass to this museum. It is awesome! Now I want to try the Phoenix one. I hear that one is even better.
I took a friend in my ward with me Becky Macias and her kids. They had a ton of fun too.
Even Emily got to have some fun!
This is the corn stocks that Elleanna put little animals in. It was to cute. I wish my camera was better to see the animals.

Kathryn loved the slide. She needed a little encouragement each time but she loved it all the same.

Tavien was all over the place too. He loved the slide more then Kathryn did. Up and Down, Up and Down.

Here they are fixing dinner. Kathryn had a pizza on her plate. That's my girl, she could eat Pizza for every meal.

Another Cute Slide picture.

I got to watch my cousins little girl Marissa the other day. Kathryn and Marissa have so much fun together. I'm so glad we live close so they get to see each other often. Kathryn is wearing Marissa's socks. So silly
A little to much fun I'd have to say. They had lots of fun with the crown and mostly the lip gloss that Marissa had. I might have to invest in some kid lipgloss for kathryn soon. She loves it when I put chapstick and such on her lips.

We went to the park by our house before the Ward picnic the other day. Kathryn loves swinging Especially with daddy!

Another fun filled day with the triplets. We are doing the art project that we got from the family fun van. it was birthday crowns. They all did so good coloring their crowns. and they especially liked the stickers that came with it.
I don't have any pictures of the swimming we did but I got to take her swimming at the VVL's club house with some friends of mine. We were at the beach part and Kathryn just LOVED it. she got to walk around the water all afternoon. She didn't want to leave. I was pretty good at putting sun screen on her but I didn't get myself so much and by back is now toasted. I guess I got a step forward for a summer tan. I hope to get a picture or two from my friend Michelle. She took a few of the group of toddlers swimming around.


Sankat said... and Kathryn sure keep busy!! I am glad you guys are having so much fun.

Chuck and Katie said...

Looks like fun, I wish we had some place fun like that here.