Tuesday, May 19, 2009

15 months!

Kathryn is know 15 months and counting. Only a few more till Nursery!!

Anyway we had our doctor appointment today.

31 inches tall
22.4 lbs
18 in head

She only gained a .5 lbs since the last check up.

The doctor said I need to get her a few more calories. Any ideas what to feed a baby that really only likes Waffles, Mac and Cheese, Green beans, and Tapioca pudding?


Sankat said...

You could always feed her chocolate...haha. Spencer LOVES it and tries to sneak it....grrr

YAY for nusery in a few months!! Spencer just had his first Sunday in Nursery.

Jessalee said...

Peanut butter. My kids love it and it is high in calories and protein.