Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm Domesticated

So my friend Rebecca has inspired me to hon in on some of my homemaking skills. She made the cutest shirts for her and her girls for family pictures so I had to do something.

I've had this really cute sun flower material left over that I used to make some Kitchen curtains. that I've really wanted to make a dress for Kathryn. But I don't have any patterns so the other day I needed some material to make my new cute swimsuit a little more modest and learned a better way to fix my suit from the very helpful lady at Sally's. So since I was there I decided to find a pattern for Kathryn. And just my luck all Simplicity patterns were on sale 75% off. I found a cute pattern with a couple different dress styles, some shirts and shorts. I'm so happy I get to use the pattern again.

This is the first time I've followed a pattern from start to finish all by my self without help from my mom. I didn't even call her. I just figured it out all on my own!

I have to say it turned out so cute. I had to make the elastic on the neck smaller as it was falling off Kathryn's shoulders but man its so cute!
And I found a cute hair style off a blog on hair do's and well I have to say Kathryn was the Cutest little girl at Church on Sunday.

You tell me isn't she the cutest baby you've ever seen?


Sankat said...

ahh man I didn't see her at Church. You did a great job with the dress and hair!!

Jessalee said...

That is cuter then any dress I have seen in the stores. You really did a great job. She is so adorable... looks like a mini-Heather!