Friday, May 8, 2009

Mischievous little ones

So I went to my moms and my sister Shelley was there with her kids and this is what I find on the counter. Adam will be 2 in a week. Its fun to see how similar Kathryn and Adam have become in their mischievous ways. First the needle's and tacks, then Vaseline and lipstick all over, now this, Adam puts all of Grandpa's tools in the peanut butter jar. I think my mom took a picture of all the tools laid out next to the jar after she cleaned them out. It was like 20 different items plus a few screws down deep.

Does Dewalt have a warranty for peanut butter stains. Don't chew to fast you might swallow a screw!

If you look close you will see the temple quilt my mom is doing for Matthew and I on the floor with the tacks all over the floor and in the little ones hands are all the pins and needles from the pin coushin, that they are strategicly putting in the carpet around them. Lucky for us no one got poked. This was the same night they got into the Vasaline.

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Jessalee said...

It is so hard to be angry when you get such cute pictures out of all their mischievousness. Too funny!