Friday, February 1, 2013

My baby boy Bryce

 My sweet boy. he's 2 months old in these.  Man he's grown a lot in the last month.    
This photo shoot was supposed to be for him but it totally ended up being one or Kathryn but oh well.  We got a few good ones of my sweet baby.

Don't you just love baby toes!

He is such a good sleeper.  Last night he actually slept all night.  Well I put him to bed at 11 but he didn't get up till 7:30!  I was so rested.  It would have been perfect if Charlotte didnt' wake up with a bad dream of a lion eating her shirt. 

Oh man I can't get over the fact I have a baby boy.  He's wonderful. 

Thank you Rachel, my sister, for the blessing outfit.   it was perfect!

I'm so blessed.  I have three wonderful kids.   Bryce is so happy, starting to gurgle and make fun noises,  He laughs and smiles a lot when he's not sleeping.  He Eats good and is an all around wonderful boy.  Lets keep it up Bryce. 

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Cassie said...

He is just gorgeous.