Friday, February 1, 2013

Charlotte Is an Angel!

 Look at my beautiful Charlotte.  Isn't she just like an Angel!   I can totally see the bruise she got on her forehead a few days before this picture.  Just shows how much fun she always has. 

 There was a inflatable dinosaur there that Charlotte wanted to play with the whole time.   Thats all she wanted to do.    At least we got a few good shots without the dinosaur!
Charlotte is 2.5  in this picture.  She's getting so big.    She's so smart, talkative and sassy.   She's gotten into saying to me, 'I'll never leave you'  and 'I love you so much'  She really loves sitting on my lap lately.  Maybe it's a little jealousy of her baby brother but I'll take it! 
She tested as a 3.5- 4 year old cognitively at her developmental exam for the MOMS study!  Way to go Charlotte.   You are defeating the odds with every stride!

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