Monday, December 17, 2007

Random things

We had our hometeachers over yesterday and if anyone hasn't got the message yet it is about kids and babies. Such a great lesson for Matt and I since ours is coming soon. One thing he said that was interesting is that one of his friends just had a baby and their mother told them that we need more good people having kids. Because well if we're afriad of the future we need to teach our kids well because they are our future.

My sister had her baby on the 14th. Little Kash Joshua was 6 lbs 2 oz 18 inches long. Matt and I went to see him at the hospital on Saturday. He's so little. It's going to be way fun to have cousin's so close together in age. They'll be best friends.

My work had it's Holiday party this weekend. It was a nice evening. The picture is of me and Christi Well's my most favorite RAE. She got me the stoller and car seat that I wanted. I work with her out of Texas. Thanks so much to Christi!!! Something Christi sent me today was a quote by Charlse Schurtz the Peanuts guy. He said there's no need to worry about the end of the world as it's already tomorrow in Australia.

We made GingerBread houses with my family on Sunday. It was a fun time. We gave out awards like we do for pumpkin carvings and mine won the most christmas like/ Christmas Vacation house from National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.

Update on how I'm doing. The UTI is gone Thank Goodness!! They put me on a pill for my sugar levels but they seem to be helping. So I guess I'm ok with it. I wish I could have pulled it off by diet and excersice but that didn't work. I had another ultra sound today to make sure the placenta was in the right place and it is thankfully. If it wasn't I would have to have a C-Section. We got to see some more of our baby. She's about 3.5 lbs and the tech said she has a little bit of hair. Again she liked to stay hidden. We didn't get the good face shot that the tech likes to get but they were fun anyway! I'm 31 weeks only a few more to go. I started the 2 week appointments. Almost there!!!

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