Monday, December 24, 2007

Early Christmas Present

So Matt got me some Wahl clippers for christmas so I can cut his hair. I've been refusing cause it scares me to even trim my own whispies away. But for Christmas Eve we got them out and I watched a video on cutting hair and we went for it. I should have taken a before and after picture but the christmas card photo will have to do. I have to say I didn't do to bad for my first try. I had it on the hights number guard we have and went to town. I think I'll have to learn to blend a little later from someone that knows. I used the ear clippers and well he has a little bit of a bald spot above each ear but he said it would be ok cause it would be back to normal in about a week. I hope so. I did get the after picture. It's late and he's tired so his eyes are all red. The hair doesn't look half bad though.

After he got out of the shower and it dried I don't think I did that bad of a job. It still makes me nervous but I think I could get a hang of it. If anyone has any good tips please let me know. Next time I'll try to get some before, during and after photos. Then maybe I can get some better critiques to improve upon. Matt thinks he's going bald. He might now that I cut it but no way. He's got lots of hair!!!
Here's to saving money on haircuts. Maybe he'll learn to die and give me highlights... Thats a scary thought...

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