Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas with the Turleys

Well Christmas with the Turley's is a fun time. We have had the tradition of having breakfast at my Grandma Turleys for Pancakes and on special occasion German Pancakes which are my personal favorite. But since my Grandma has passed away we have been going to my oldest sister's house for a Carroll breakfast. They call it Egg's al la Golden Rod or basically a egg white sauce with sausage. put over my sisters fantastic homemade bread toasted and buttered torn in pieces. Its awesome. But I think next year I want to bring some German Pancakes for old time sakes.

After Breakfast we all go to the living room for opening presents. We are in a rotation for gift giving. I had my sister Melissa. It was more difficult this year as she lives in Florida. I hope to get a picture of her son Damien with the gift I sent. She said he's been carrying the box around the house for weeks. Saying "is it christmas yet?" the opening part is kind of like a mad house. But we have little helpers to pass presents out. It was funny cause some of the littler ones wanted to help but they couldn't read the names. Afterward Matt had all our gifts stacked on his lap and he fell asleep. I had to get a picture of that. And of me of course in front of my parents christmas tree.

I have 11 Nieces and Nephews so far. Paige is the baby on the floor. She'll turn 1 a month after I have my baby. She's got the biggest cheeks and so much hair. Her mom says its really hard to control. The other two are Melissa's oldest daughters. They are the oldest Grandkids too. Savannah and Chloe. Savannah lives in Florida with her mom and Chloe lives here with her dad. They are such opposites. Its finda funny. Chloe said she wanted leggings for Christmas and Savannah wanted makeup. That was easy to do.

Matt and I got a family gift for ourselves. A Kitchenaid. I made my first two loaves of bread this morning. It was nice to get out of the shower with the smell of homemade bread in the house. They didn't turn out that bad either. It was White Bread. Now I need some wheat so I can make a little more healthier type of bread.

Matt and I had a great Christmas overall except for the part were we don't get a Christmas break and had to be to work the next day. Sometimes I wish I was still in school just so I can have that break from life again. Oh my sister got us a DDR that is a two person mat that just plugs into the TV so we don't have to have a gaming system. Its not as advanced as the gaming system ones but It does the job for my little workouts. Me and my mom tried it the other day and we both were breathing heavy after a few trys. I think it will help me out when I want this baby to drop and get ready to be brought into the world. Do a little dancing and she'll come right out!

Anyway I've got all my christmas stuff put away already . I feel I have things to get ready for the baby and having a lot of extra stuff around the house is making me anxious. a month and a half is not a long time expecially when I don't know when she'll decide its time to make her enterence. oh yeah Matt just found out he gets 3 days off paternity leave. So that will help a bit. I love the season but time to start planning for the baby!


Kenyon Robson said...

How fun Heather! 11 nieces and nephews, wow that is alot:) I love my Kitchen aid, they are so wonderful and I love to play the Dance Revolution game. Im glad you had a great Christmas!

Linae said...

Just think next year your baby will almost be one years old!!! Ahhh! So exciting! I'm so jelous just thinking how soon you'll get to hold your sweet little baby! Merry Christmas!

Carianne said...

I have to say that the bread that you made from your new Kitchenaid looks pretty good. We should get together some time and eat some!