Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I found the cable

So I should have looked a little harder... So her are a few pictures of what has happened in the last month. I'll put house pictures on another post.

Here is her 4 month picture. This was June 8th. I can't believe its been that long. Her doctors appoinment was great. The doctor said she's developing just right.

14lbs 8ozs 25 in long She's in the 75th percentile for weight, height, and head circumference. She even rolled over from her tummy to her back for the doctor. I think she was showing off cause she hasn't ever done that at home or since then. She did great with her shots. She is the greatest baby ever!!!

Rory and Paige dancing to the end credits to a movie we just watched.
Kathryns first time swimming in a regular pool. Its was pretty cold but she was a trooper. Didn't cry at all. I think she must be a fish at heart.
Here are the last three of the grandkids. Adam, Kash and Kathryn.
Isn't she precious!!!

I babysat my sisters little girls for a week while they went on a cruise for their 5 year anniversary. It was quite the ordeal watching a 3 year old a 1year old and my little 4 month old. Made me want to be more careful about when we start having kids again. We had fun though. We watched lots of movies and played with cousins a few times.

The Kids really liked playing with Kathryn. They were really big helpers especially Rory. She helped me feed her while I was feeding Paige.

Paige likes to get into everything. Rachel has all but one cupboard in her kitchen locked with a child lock and well Paige knows which one is not locked to her!

Happy Mothers Day. Matt got his mom roses and he got me a bunch of bright colorful flowers. He made waffles for me His family style. I thought it was the grossest Idea at first but now I"m a fan. Can't eat them anyother way. Waffles with cheese and bacon cooked into them. Makes them so yummy!!!

Kathryn and Kash.

Mom Turley with the two youngest Grandkids.

I like to get pictures of these two cause they are so close in age. Its fun to see their progression.I was trying to get a picture of my niece Mandy and I got my Dad in the back ground making this funny face. Its hilarious.

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Heath Family said...

I love Kathryn's chubby cheeks! While we were in AZ last week I met your mom. She's my mom's visiting teacher, and she told me you were watching Rachael's girls. I bet you were going crazy; it's hard to get used to one kid, muchless 3!