Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Pagosa Springs

This is at Treasure Falls. Our little family. We sure do love each other!

I thought this was just a funny picture of her in the car. Her Hair is all staticy for some reason.

The last weekend in May we took my parents on a trip to Pagosa Springs Colorado. Matt and I have a trial Time Share that we got to use. Pagosa Springs is about an hour east of Durango if you know where that is. It was beautiful. It rained most of the way there and all day Saturday but cleared up just enough times for us to go to a Fiber Festival and see Treasure Falls.

Pagosa is known for the hot springs there. They have quite the set up for hot tubbing in the springs but the cost was outrageous. I"m not sure what it was but the resort we were staying at were giving $25 off so I'm assuming it was way more then that.

The drive there was interesting. If you've ever driven through Shiprock, NM you'll know what I mean. I tried to get some cool pictures of the rock formations. I can see where it gets its name. They rock formations kind of look like old ships!

So far Kathryn has been in Arizona, Utah, California, New Mexico, and Colorado and she's only 4 months. Good thing she's a good traveler. I'm serious my mom said she didn't hear her more then a few times. I sware our baby must be an angel!

The San Jaun River runs through the town. It would be great fly fishing area!

The little room we had had its own hot tub built on to the back. It was awesome. This was Kathryn's first hot tub experience. I think she liked that more then the pool. She'll take after her dad in that regard.

The fiber festival was for their sheep and alpaca's to make wool and stuff not the grain fiber. They had some alpaca's there. They were so cute. Way cuter then a llama, No offence Emperor Kusko. ha ha

There were really cool rock formations made from the hot springs to. made me think of Yellow Stone.

The mountains there were amazing. and Kathryn got to taste her first taste of snow. Yes there was snow on the ground in the shade. It was so wonderful.

The mountains there were amazing. and Kathryn got to taste her first taste of snow. Yes there was snow on the ground in the shade. It was so wonderful.

We went to the ward up there on Sunday. It was a nice little ward. They took most the time for Relief Society to talk about a temple trip to Monticello, Utah. It made me feel bad about how I don't take advantage of just living down the street from a temple when they have to plan a whole days worth to get to one. I'm so excited for the 3 new temples in Arizona. My Parents will be like 2 miles from the one in Gilbert!

My Parents anniversary was the 29th of May. They have been married 39 years!

Kathryn in New Mexico

So that was our latest trip. It was fantastic. Matt and I are going back there for our anniversary in September. Maybe we'll even let someone watch Kathryn so we can have some time alone. Its really fun taking her though. we'll see. I'm not sure what I want to do just yet.


Liz said...

Those pictures are so beautiful!! That's really neat you guys have a time share there.

H said...

Sounds like a fabulous trip for everyone. It is wonderful that Katherine likes to travel she will be a great companion for you. Kyra was like that, but Tasha, not so much!

Yes, Shiprock is interesting. You drive and drive and drive...and then there is a ship, rising out of nowhere in the desert vista of dirt.

Jenni said...

What a nice trip! I'm loving getting new ideas of cool places that I want to visit one day. I should start making a list!

Kathryn is adorable, she is luck to have you and Matt as parents.

shannonb said...

I'm glad to see some updated pics. Your trip looked like so much fun. You crack me up, your last vacation to San Diego was around the time Kurt and I went to San Diego and we went to some of the same places... now you go to CO. Kurt and I drove through Shiprock the end of May on our way to Cortez, which is not too far from Durango. Do you guys have our schedule or something? :)

Brandon and Melissa Brawley said...

HOW FUN!! I am so jealous :) I need to take a vacation :) Your daughter is still as beautiful as ever! Hope to see you at the major if not sooner :)

Lauren said...

Looks like you guys had a fun trip! I am jealous! It will be so hard to travel with 2 that I think we will just be stuck at home forever! :-)

Michelle said...

I know it's finally me! Justin and i went with my parents last summer to Pagosa Springs! We tubed the river, rode the old steam train, in fact, Justin repelled that exact waterfall! Gorgeous place! Kathryn is soooo adorable! Heather, i miss you!

Melissa said...

So beautiful... it looks like a memorable family vacation.

Fowler Farm said...

Looks like a great trip. Great pictures. Call me when you want to get together. That sounds like fun. Talk to you later.

Linae said...

Wow thanks for the tour! I am jelous seeing you guys in sweaters! These are such beautiful pictures and Kathryn is an angel! I'm glad you guys had a good time, and yes I am up for visitors!

Kenyon said...

What a great trip! Colorado is so beautiful. You guys are quite the travelers :) Love the pictures.

Chuck and Katie said...

Hey Heather I'm so glad you found me. It's been great to catch up with people as I've been doing this. Your baby is adorable.