Friday, March 25, 2011

Kathryn Vs Charlotte

I thought I'd go back and find the heights and weights of my little girls and see the differences as they grow up.
Kathryn born Feb 8, 2008 she weighed 6 lbs 7 ozs and was 20 1/4 inches longCharlotte born April 19 2010 she weighed 6 lbs 13 ozs and was 20 inches long
3 month Kathryn was 12 lbs 11 oz for some reason I couldn't find a heightCharlotte was 14.4 lbs and 25 inches
6 month Kathryn was 17 lbs 11 oz and 26 3/4 inchesCharlotte was 16.9 lbs and 26 inches
9 month Kathyrn was 20 lbs 1 oz and 28 inchesCharlotte was 19.6 lbs and 27 1/4 inches
1 year Kathryn was 22 lbs and 30 inchesCharlotte is 21.3 lbs and 30 1/4 inches tall


Sankat said...

So fun to see how different they are at each age!

Laura Nyman said...

Interesting how Charlotte grew faster at first and then they even out. Can that be explained by what they were eating? Like I know the growth curve for breastfed babies is different - if I remember right they grow more like Charlotte.

Jessalee said...

And both are still as cute as ever.