Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Crafts with Kathryn

I checked out a craft book from the Library and found one thing that I thought Kathryn could really get into that wouldn't cost to much. We got flower pots and potting soil and some flower seeds for a fun flower pot. But we decorated it with eggs shells. You wash and dry the egg shells then paint them and then dry again and then break them into smaller pieces then glue them on in random shapes and designs.
I put Kathryn in my paint shirt so she wouldn't get her clothes messy. She really liked wearing one of my shirts. She thought it was so funny to where such a BIG shirt.
I found the paints at the dollar store. Kathryn LOVES to Paint!
But she doesn't like to get dirty so I had to hold the eggs while she painted cause she didn't want to get her fingers dirty.


Our finished products. I did a flower.
And Kathryn did the moon and stars.

The flowers are starting to grow. There are lots of little stems coming out of the pots. I thought it would take longer but it was only a few days and they are out and growing.

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