Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Zero Waste

So my husbands job around the house in taking out the trash both out of the house and then on trash days out to the curb. And he's good at getting it out of the house into the big bin but remembering to get it out on the two days a week it goes to the curb is like pulling teeth for him. He just doesn't remember. I got after him the other day and he sends me this link The Johnson Family and puts at the end. "I've figured out how to solve the problem".

Man after watching this a few times and really thinking about how we could do this I want to try to make our carbon foot print lighter. I found some statistics on recycling that I'd like to share. My copy paste is not working so check out this Link here for some items on Recycling.

I think our biggest problem here is that we don't have a recycle bin or garbage can to take to the street. In AZ we had two big dumpsters for trash and recycle and for sure the recycle container was the one that was most full each week. We'll have to do some investing and buy ourselves another container for just recycle items.

Next I think our biggest trash item is diapers. And I've been thinking about this and since Charlotte is Cathed , she doesn't have as wet of diapers as she would have letting her pee all on her own so I'm considering cloth diapers for her. I think I could do it since she's on a schedule anyway of being changed I don't think that would be do difficult.

Next big problem I see is just having to much STUFF. the house in the video looked amazing. I want a home that is simple yet inviting with out all the STUFF everywhere. I can do without all the STUFF around my house. What to do with it all? What is worthy of keeping? Those are the questions I need help with.

Next idea - This women in the video has a blog that I've looked through just a bit and she says she clothes shops two times a year and only has like 7 items of clothing she uses. Mix and Match idea. I could so get into not having so much stuff to pick through that I don't really like anyway.

Toys we have to many toys. and my little girl is only 3. I know it's just going to get worse!!!

Anyway that's been on my mind lately. Next I need to find some whole food stores around here and where to buy bulk grains, cereals, oats, etc...


Milli said...

I'm all for not so much stuff. As i have been cleaning out and boxing up stuff, having an emptier house has felt good. I guess there is a fine line but 'less' does feel like 'more' in this situation. Thanks for the boost Heather.

DaNelle said...

Heather, this totally inspires me! Thanks so much!

Angee said...

Cloth diapers are totally awesome! :) I have loved using them. They aren't very much work and I've saved a ton of money (and trash) because of it. :) Plus, if you have more kids later on, they can be used again. Or you can sell them on Craigslist and get some money back. :)