Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Matt likes to Drive

Matthew gets in these moods where he wants to just drive and drive with no particular end in sight so the other day the girls were feeling pretty lousy and tired and Matthew thought that would be a good time to go on a long drive.

At the bottom of this blog I have a map with states that Matthew and I have been together and he wanted to add another state or two onto that map so he looked up to see how close West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland all are and they are all actually within 20 miles of each other but getting there from where we are takes like 2 hours.

So we headed out on the rainiest day we've had yet. Rained all day long. Kids slept most of the way and we saw some really cool little towns and country side. Kathryn wanted pizza so we stopped at a little pizza joint and they had a left over pizza there that someone canceled their order so he gave him that pizza for free. Awesome I know but the pizza was well not a place I want to go back too.

Anyway we didn't end up getting to all 3 states but we did add West Virginia to our places we've been and we'll add PA next month when we go up to CHOP for Charlotte's Evaluation for the MOMs trail.

This was the town Library. Awesome building I know!

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James and Onalisa said...

It is fun to get out and drive sometimes. We are trying to visit the states around here too. We have yet to travel south of Virginia. If you ever get the desire to drive again and don't want to go too far just call us and we can get together again.