Monday, May 24, 2010

Trip to the Inlaws/ Mothers day

Here is Matthew's Mother's day card/ gift for me. Enjoy!

Happy Mothers Day! My sweet little girls.

Here's grandma getting to hold and feed Charlotte all for the first time.

The weather was perfect up there for playing out side. Not that it's not perfect right now in Mesa, at 73 degree's but well anyway Kathryn had way to much fun playing with daddy in the grass.

Over Mothers day weekend we took our little family up to see Matthew's parents in Snowflake, AZ. It was a nice drive and Charlotte did so well. Only had to stop once to feed her in Heber but she made it like a champ!

We arrived late Friday night left Sunday afternoon in time to make it to my parents house for Sunday dinner. Kathryn loves it up at her grandma and grandpa Weir's house. They have a huge yard and a cat that she loves and she's got her cousins that live right next door. Kathryn just loves Chelsea!

Mick, Matthew's dad, is an awesome gardener. And in a place like snowflake where the ground is hard and it is windy 90% if the time his garden is awesome. I got pictures of the startings of the summer garden. He uses these funny water tents to keep the plants warm and to keep them from being blown to pieces. I can't wait to come back in July to see the fruits of his labors. And I guess kathryn's he said she was such a good helper the weeks she was staying with them while we were gone.

Charlotte was a hit with her grandparents and her new cousins. I'm glad she did so well! Cause the next weekened she ended up in the hospital getting her brand new shunt placed.. my poor baby. She's doing great but now has a big bump in her head. Gotta love head bands right now until her hair comes in.

Anyway It's great to be a mother to two beautiful girls.

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