Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day 1 and 2 of Jolene's Visit! Zoo and Park and Swimming

Day 1 We headed out to the DC National Zoo! We met up with one of Jolene's friends from New Mexico and walked around the Zoo. Man it was hot that day. I think the next time I go to the zoo it's going to be late September when it's not so hot. Anyway they have some cool animals and exhibits.

The Panda Bears. They were so cute. I wish they would have been out in their habitat but it was hot so I understand them wanting to be inside where it's a little cooler. This was really neat to see them though. I've never seen a Panda up close!

Take a look at this giant Iguana! Their reptile exhibit was awesome. All kinds of snakes, turtles, alligators and lizards. I found out the other day that Boa's live birth their babies. Crazy. I thought all snakes layed eggs.

These guys were just hanging around over our heads. They have a 'pen' so to speak on two ends of these ropes and they can go back and forth as they please. I don't know why they can do this and why they don't get away so to speak but they just go from one 'pen' to another along these ropes. The Ape exhibit would have been awesome if their were any apes in their homes. It was about noon and hot so I'm not suprised they were not there but I hope next time there will be out. They have some gorillas that I would love to see. They even have special rules not to look at the gorillas right in the eye as it spooks them and makes them mad.

Day 2 I don't have pictures of Day 2 because I gave Matthew the camera to take pictures on a nature walk he took the kids on the night before and I forgot to get the camera back in my purse as we left the next morning. We went to Clemyjontri park. It is a park designed specifically for kids with disabilities. So those in wheelchairs can still go to a park and enjoy themselves and have fun on all the stuff that is there. Kathryn had a blast. So did Deven and Tamera's kids. I for sure am going back there. It's not to far away and well I totally wore Kathryn out. Anyone who wants to come and play is welcome. I'll get some pictures next time so you can see how awesome it really is.

After the park we went and got take out Greek food for the moms and some McDonalds for the kiddo's and then ate at the pool that Tamera is a member off. We went swimming and Kathryn loved that! I wanted Charlotte to try but it was cold and she was asleep when we got ready to swim. Kathryn pooped in her swim diaper though. So GROSS! When will she learn that is not a good thing to do?

After swimming we were all tired so we all came home to get cleaned up and pick up Ji, Jolene's husband from the Airport and then off to Dinner at Tamera's. That was a nice evening and I got to get better acquainted with Tamera. I hope to do some more things with her and have Kathryn become friends with their little girl. More new friends. I love it!

Jolene really packed all our days with stuff to do and see. We had Saturday and Sunday morning off but all the rest of the time was one thing after another! It was awesome.

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