Thursday, September 22, 2011

Skyline Caverns

We went out on Labor day to drive down Skyline Drive but saw the signs for the caverns so we followed them instead.

The caverns were awesome. Matthew made an awesome video of the whole affair. Charlotte decided she didn't like the idea of being in a cave so screamed the whole time. I asked to be escorted out half way through and I took her to the car and ate some yummy cherries. Anyway Carolin really liked it and Kathryn liked it too. There was some amazing rock formations and the fun colors they did for lighting was fun. They say that using colored lights helps make it so no growth happens with plants and algae. White lights are more like the sun and cause the growth. We took stuff for a picnic afterwards and just had a nice time. it was a nice end to a summer vacation. School started the next day! 6:45 to the bus is really early!

Here's the video that Matthew made enjoy. Right in time for Halloween scary shows...

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