Saturday, August 9, 2008

Heaton Family Reunion

Every year we have a Heaton Family reunion at the family Ranch in Southern Utah. About an hour north of Kanab. Its our little heaven on Earth.

There is two ponds, an A-Frame cabin, the big house, and the little cabin that right now is split in two. Their in the process of moving it to a place with a better foundation.

Lots of pictures to follow.

Every year someone kills a Rattle Snake. This one had 11 notches on its Rattle.

The work this year was cutting down some braches on a huge tree over the big house. This is them splitting logs.The Big house

My dad is being thrown in the pond. He was the oldest to be thrown in this year. My Aunt Maxine was last year. She turned 81 this year.

This is Keiko one of my Cousins Kids. She really Flew!

Me being thrown in My Happy Baby! Silly Rory possing for the camera!
Mandy making people think she's holding a water snake but is not.
The A Frame!

Kathryn loved being outside and in the grass. Isn't she adorable.

My Heaton Family statitics that I know of.
My Grandparents had 10 children.
My Aunts and Uncles had together 65 kids. Meaning I have 59 first cousins. I'm number 61 and my youngest sister is the last number 65.
I don't have a number of the next generation but I know its well over 200.
and then the next generation is about 100 I think.
I LOVE having a big family and that we are so close.
with a Big family reunion everyear and then a small one with just my first cousins in October.
So much fun!

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