Saturday, August 9, 2008

Pioneer Day/ Jewerly

So my husband is an entrepreneur and wants me to be one to. I like to think of myself as one but not to the extent he is. He has been looking at this Auction website and decided that since I like jewelry that he would get a big lot of necklaces and earrings for me to sell. So our first selling experience was in Snowflake for their 24th of July Celebration. Its a huge deal up there. Big parade and carnival and booths that I thought was just from people that are from there but people come up there from all over the valley because its such a big deal. a few thousand people come up to snowflake just for this occasion.

Well we got a both and went to work. It was fun. Matt did Balloon animals. He did it to keep our change drawer but people were giving him big bills as well. We got really sunburned and hot. I was so thankful that a storm came in a couple hours early on Saturday. I was so ready to be done.

The wagon pulled by horses. Just right for the occasion.

Kathryn was with us for a lot of it. She was sitting in her car seat for a little of it and a lady walked through and saw her move and was taken back cause she said " I thought that was a doll".
At the parade

We sold about 1/4 of the supply that we have but it paid for about 1/2 of them. So now I have to come up with some ways to get rid of the last bit of them. My family suggests doing a jewelry party at their houses and mine. I think I'll try that. The first one is going to be with my sister Joanna at her house in Maricopa. She bought a lot of them and all her friends out there just love them.

So a notice will go out for a party in Maricopa soon as well as a Scentcy Candle party. My sister Jessica does that. And 20% of what I sell I'm going to donate to Joanna's fund for the Susan G Koman 3Day walk for the cure. My Mom, Rachel and Joanna are all doing the walk and have to all earn $2200 each to be able to do the walk.

So if anyone wants to have a jewelry party for a cause of some sort of just to have one I'd be willing to come over and have a little party. The Prices range from $3.00 for some of the beaded ones to $25.00 for the Chokers. All have a necklace and earrings.

Rory is my Model for some of the pieces.

I have a few of the Crystal ones.

Most of them are beads and shell.

Also some Chokers.

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Justin Diles said...

Hi Heather:

I'm trying to reach Matthew Weir regarding a DVD he was selling earlier this year: Gnomon Workshop: Particle Expressions 1...

If he is still selling this, please have him contact me at: dilesj(at)gmail(dot)com! Thanks!