Monday, November 1, 2010

Charlotte Overload!

Just wanted to show you all how cute Charlotte has gotten. She is beautiful and is getting so big! She is such a joy to my life!

Her almost roll over. She gets up on her side all the time. Just doesn't want to flip on over.
She loves looking at herself in this mirror. I think this has helped with tummy time more then anything! She is holding her head up like a champ and can get up on her hands now not just her elbows. She's going to blow the PT and DT away at their next visit.


Rogers Family said...

OMGosh... she is so sweet and so so cute! She looks like her big sis!

Joanna Brimhall said...

It's crazy how much she has grown up! So much hair :-) I love the photo you have at the top of your blog of Charlotte and Kathryn too. Love you guys!

Joanna (and David) said...

She's not just cute - she take-your-breath-away beautiful! Look at her rolling around and looking in the mirror! What a big girl she's getting to be! And I love your new banner pic - those are some lovely little girls. :)