Monday, November 1, 2010


Charlotte's first Halloween and I didn't get her a thing to wear. I was fretting about it all week and then come the Church Halloween Party I put her in a few things and then remembered I had this Christmas outfit. It was perfect. She was adorable. Plus she liked playing with the fuzzy sleeves. And I'm proud to announce that Charlotte and I didn't have one piece of candy all night!

I as always, since that's the only costume I own was Elizabeth from Pirates of the Caribbean. I don't even remember her wearing this but that's what the costume bag says. Kathryn was a Cow again. Again I don't feel the need to buy costumes every year. Especially since we're in a new place. No one knows we were the same thing the last 3 years running. ha ha

Kathryn in the cake walk. She actually did pretty good on her own. She walked really slow so all the bigger kids kept passing her up but she didn't mind one bit. On and see her eye is a little darker. I made a cow spot on her eye and on her cheek. She now things that my makeup is cow makeup. She's been getting into my makeup case the last 3 days trying to make herself look like a cow.
My Halloween Christmas Elf. Isn't she adorable.

Our Halloween family. Check out the below of Matthew's awesome costume. Took him 4 hours to make. But He certainly LOVES doing a balloon costume.

Our first trick or treating at the shopping center down the way from us. Everyone was amazed and a few people were like, wow your definitely going to end up on someones facebook for sure.
We had a good Halloween. I've decided I like Halloween except for the trick or treating. Greedy little kids going door to door expecting candy... Ok so maybe next year if Kathryn isn't sick and it's not Sunday we'll go trick or treating but this year was lame.

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James and Onalisa said...

Amazing balloon artwork! I didn't even know that you had that talent.