Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rochester, New York July 13-17

The pictures are in reverse of what we did but here it goes.

We left a day early so Matthew could drive through the night and not day! We got to Jolene's around 2 in the morning. It was a nice drive though. 8 hours on back country roads to avoid toll's. Now I want to drive it during the day so I can see the beauty of it. I'm pretty sure we drove all along the Susquehanna river for a long time. Anyway the girls traveled really well and even went back to sleep when we got there.

The first day was Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls is in Buffalo, NY only an hour from Rochester. I've been to Rochester and seen Niagara Falls before but it was nothing like I remember. It was an amazing sight to see though. Jolene Paid for all of us to go on the Maid of the Mist. Wow you do get up close and personal with the falls, quite wet too. There is a reason they hand out the ponchos. You would be soaked if not for those things. It was really noisy down there too.

One of the facts about the falls that I thought interesting is that he falls that the falls erode 1 foot back each year I'm sure that's why it looks a little different as it's been almost 20 years since I was there last.

It was so beautiful and the day was beautiful. After Niagara we headed back to Jolene's for naps and relaxation. We got some pizza for dinner and just had a nice night. We went to bed early because of the short night before. And as we get up Charlotte throw's up all over the room. I mean all over the room. Matthew picked her up and she vomits over his shoulder and then he turns and the spews again on the bed. Then I yell don't turn so he turns back and she spew's again on the floor...

yes Charlotte caught a flu bug somewhere along the way. I was actually worried Kathryn would get sick as it was her usual time of the month for getting sick. (two months in a row with no fevers, for those who are also keeping track). We clean up Charlotte and have an easy morning. Charlotte seems to be doing pretty good so we head out to Palmyra to see the Temple, the Smith house and the Sacred Grove. It was beautiful as ever. Charlotte did good the whole time and even feel asleep the last hour or so we were there. We brought sandwich fixings and had a picnic just out side the grove.

There are a lot more paths then I remember when I was there last time. And there were tons more people but we were there for the Hill Cumorah Pageant. So there were a LOT of people there.

We decided to make it an early day for Charlotte's sake and went back to Jolene's and just let the kids play while Charlotte took a nap.

Matthew stayed home that night with her and Jolene, Deven, and Kathryn and I all went to see the Hill Cumorah pageant. It was really good. I really enjoyed the end when then preview all the prophets of the book of Mormon testifying of the truthfulness of it.

She didn't throw up at all that day but we couldn't get her to eat or drink much of anything. then the next morning She felt warm and then threw up more in her bed. So we decided since we couldn't' get anything down her and she had a fever we would try the ER. We went Saturday morning and they did an IV for fluids, a Shunt series to rule out shunt failure and urine samples. She was definitely dehydrated. So they finally said they were going to keep us over night at like 6 that evening. That was not the most pleasant hospital stays I've had... But she continued to get better and then after lots of begging on Sunday late afternoon they let us go. We left Rochester at 7pm for home. We arrived at 3 in the morning. And Charlotte was fine ever since. Jolene did call one of the members in her ward to have him come down and help give Charlotte a blessing. I love having men who honor their priesthood in my life!

Besides the hospital stay and the throw up that got all over Jolene's house It was a good trip. I'm glad we went. Kathyn and Deven were great together! They played and played. She sure does have some great cousins.

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M. James and Onalisa said...

Western New York is so beautiful! We love going there we have been to Niagra Falls, and Palymyra. Sounds like you all had fun.