Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fourth of July- I know it's WAY LATE

HOLY MOLY I haven't posted a little something on here for months. I'm so sorry. More sorry I don't have the last few months written down in a journal. Shoot. Why did I let myself get so out dated...
Anyway my first post will be our little Fourth of July celebrations.

We tried to go to a Fairfax County Fair and I say try because we got lost going and the van blew a tire when we were about a block from the fair. So Matthew spent the entire time laying in the dirt trying to get the spare on and I walked the girls down to this So Called Fair. It was horrible! plus it was HOT and HUMID! Kathryn got to ride all of one ride by her self. She loved it though. She rode it twice. Then we walked back and daddy was done so we drove on home looking for a tire place and lucky us there was one right across the street from Wegmens. So we went to eat lunch and walk the store. I like it and I hate it. It's big and has some awesome deals but it's always packed with people. Anyway the day was long, hot and not so very fair like.

For the Fourth we had a cook out with some friends. We brought our little charcoal grill and I grilled up all the hamburgers while the men enjoyed the cool indoors. then After dinner the fireworks were put together. We had like 100 little grounders. It was a show right before our eyes. We missed any big in the air fireworks cause I guess they like to do them the day before here and I didn't realize that. Maybe next year. Anyway Kathryn loved the fireworks. It's so fun now that she's older that she does and enjoys more things. Charlotte didn't know what to think. She didn't like the screamers very much but hey who does...
Kathryn loves the sparklers.

Lazy bums oh I mean my handsome husband and our friend Brent.

Kathryn's boyfriend Talon. Isn't he a cutie! Oh and can you tell it's humid as all get out. Kathryn looks like she just stepped out of the shower. but no that's just fun hot, humid VA!

Fireworks setting LOVE it

I made these yummy brownie's. Holy moly these were good. It was so hot out that the raspberries started to melt/juicy all over the brownie. it made it even better!

And last but not least my little Charlotte 'B'. Love the firework on her head.

(Disclaimer - Please do not try that at home. We are professionals)

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