Sunday, September 14, 2014

Newport News, VA Labor Day 2014

We went down to Newport News, VA for labor day this year to visit with some of my favorite cousins the Fugals.  We went to Brigham's house.  There were 13 kids and 13 adults all staying at brighams little house.  Some of us were staying in tents in the back yard  some on the floor in the house.  It was packed but so much fun to see them.  It's been ages since I've seen some of them and they've all grown up so much and have families of their own.  I guess those things happen...
 Here's all 13 kids there.

  Here's all the parents trying to get there kids to smile.  it was funny!

 Adam and Sophie  and their kids.  Adam is my closest in age first cousin once removed.  He lives up in Maryland so I need to plan to see him more often.  And seriously he's like more then 7 feet tall!
 This is just off the elementary school's playground.  What a way to go to school. 

Bryce got a ride on Jens on the way home from our walk.   Jens is really tall to so had to bend down even farther under passing tree's but some didn't get low enough and Bryce had leaves and such all over in his hair at the end of the walk. 
 And here's Annette with one of Adams kids.   She's one of my favorite cousins.  It's ok I can say that cause she said my mom was probably her favorite Aunts! I have some found memories going to their house in Utah canning tomatoes and peaches and what ever else was in the garden that summer.  And the grand canyon hike with them was a thing to remember.
 Other then seeing my cousins our other main objective was to go to the beach!  The kids had a blast and the water never got more then like 3.5 feet.  Kathryn  went out farther then I would have liked but was still able to stand.  

 That's about as deep as it went out to those pillars well maybe a little deeper but not much. 

I sure hope to go back there sooner then later as they're going to be stationed else where soon for the Navy. 
One of them Mario I think lives in Charleston South Carolina.  I've got to think of a way to get down there soon to.  I'd love to see that part of the south too.

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