Monday, January 12, 2015

New Diet plan for 2015

So I could post this on Facebook but I think I want a little less people seeing my results or just how bad I've let myself go...  

I started Isagenix on January 1, 2015.   I started that day weighing 213.8  and well I didn't look so good.  

Isagenix is basically a shake/ cleanse regimen.  I got a 30 day cleanse pack.   It's been 12 days and I've lost 14 lbs.  and well over 14 inches.  I'll measure again on Thursday.   but it's going so well.  I'm excited about it cause I am now at 199 and I haven't seen that on my scale since before I had Charlotte.  almost 5 years ago.  AMAZING!

So I'll post my before front, back and side pictures and then a front and a back picture so you can see it's already starting to show.   I was seriously shocked at how my back looked.  Embarrassing to see what I look like from behind.  kinda glad I didn't look at that everyday...  Anyway last Sunday I thought I actually looked pretty good so I had Matthew take a picture of me.  I don't usually, well don't ever think that so this is something!  I see it in my face a lot too.   Which is awesome!

  I'm actually wearing the same thing in this picture.    Ok so my butt is still huge but look at my back, that is amazing.  and only 12 days!
Ok so I need a new camera.  My good camera got dropped in turkey grease and my camera phone well just isn't as good as it used to be.  Maybe a Valentines gift is in order...


Jessalee said...

Heather I think you look beautiful no matter what, but you do look amazing in the photo of you in the dress.

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