Friday, February 29, 2008

3 weeks

So we've survived another week. I can tell she is getting older. She stays awake more often and has her pretty blue eys open and looking around. She is getting better at latching on. except right now I am pumping to get through the night. she doesn't like to latch on when I'm tired or maybe I just don't have the patience that I need to help her like it.

I did purchase a little helper to help us both in this area. I would recommend it to anyone with breastfeeding problems. Its called My Breast Friend. Its a pillow that actually attaches around the waist. So it doesn't fall off like the boppy that I had. and it positions her right for a good latch. So we have a few good feeding times during the day and then at night we have to go back to the bottle. Well I'm not so sure how good they are as she always seems hungry after I feed her. So she gets what she can from me and then I have to give her a little more from what I've stored up.

I'll have some pictures posted soon. My sister took some of her and was supposed to email them to me but hasn't yet. They certainly are precious.

My friend Rached posted about funny things her husband has done at night to help out with their little one. I think I'll mention a few that Matthew has done or rather how good he is at helping me but not so much about remembering that he did.

During the night I try to feed her but if I can't get a latch I have to pump and give her a bottle, So I have matt give her the bottle while I pump so that we both can get to sleep faster. But the other night Matt did that and thenthe next morning he asked how she slept and I said she was up twice, and Thanks for helping me to which he replied, I did? He didn't remember anything.

I like to lean over and give Matt kisses after I've fed Kathryn and put her in bed before she wakes up again. He never remembers those either.

So I tried again tonight to latch her on and I can't get one deep enough. It like she is to used to the bottle and can't seem to open her mouth wide enough to do any good for her or me. The pillow realy does help but not in helping her open her mouth.

She has gotten a lot better though. Each day I can tell she's a little stronger and older. I hope soon we'll get it.

Sorry this is mostly all about me feeding woes. its just what is on my mind mostly.

Oh fun times is bath times. She just loves sitting in the sink just relaxing in the water. and then she smells so good afterwards. I jut sit her against me and sniff her head all day.


Leah Martineau said...

Hello Heather!! Congrats on your sweet baby girl!! She is so cute, i love her hair. So our girls are just a few weeks apart, how fun. I had my little Amelia Feb 25th.

As for the craft night, where you wanting to order a kit? They are $18.00 for all the stuff, or I can make it for you for $20.00. Let me know if you are still interested. I'm placing my order next week ( I order the wood and vinyl from a company) then I get the paper, paint etc..

The Adams family said...

Thanks for the update... please post more pictures!

Helena said...

Congrats on the success! I hope it continues and that you both thrive. Hang in there with the nighttime feedings. I used to fall asleep while they were nursing and wake up with a really sore back. Bill did the bottle with Kyra a few times and he hardly ever remembered much either :)