Monday, February 4, 2008

President Hinckley Challenge

So my Friend Michelle sent this to me about reading the Book of Mormon. I think its a great idea to honor our beloved Prophet. I'm going to do my best. With a baby coming I might not get it all in the 97 days but then again I won't be working and can read while the baby is sleeping.

I got this poem over email a couple of days ago and I think its awesome. I can imagine the love and rejoicing that has come to him and his sweet wife. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
Prophetic Passing
I imagine he's running to Marjorie now,
Yes, running, not waving his cane.
I see him embracing his father and mother,
While they keep repeating his name.
I see him now meeting his forebears,
Brother Brigham and Joseph are there.
Sweet reunion of prophets, united by service,
That only such noble men share.
I see him embraced by the Savior
While Father says, "Good and well done.
So faithful in stalwart endurance, I welcome
My noble, most excellent son."
I then hear the ripples of laughter
As he says the reception's just fine,
But he hopes that he'll get an assignment or two
Since there's no need to waste any time.
I can hear his clear voice in the stillness
At the close of this sweet Sabbath day,
Have faith and move forward ­ there's work to be done.
President Hinckley would want it that way. Anna M. Molgard

Here is the chart for helping me keep track of my reading.

If you want to join the cause
Go to Hinkley Challenge and you can keep track as well!

Let us also remember our new prophet, seer and revelator President Monson , with President Eyring and President Uchtdorf at his side. They will also need our honor and prayers.


Linae said...

You are awsome Heather. Thanks for your last comment, I feel so blessed to have such a positive influence of friends in my life. I am thinking of you every day now knowing that it can happen at any moment, I can hardly wait!

shannonb said...

You are getting so close! I'm getting so excited for you! Just think, your family is about to expand. I love it. I can't wait to meet Kathryn! GOod luck. You're going to do great!

Kenyon said...

How are you? Are you feeling any more contractions? I am so excited for you:)

Our Family 5 said...

That was awesome, Heather! What a great example you are to so many.

Hey, this is Natalie (Watkins) Evans ~ I found your blog through my husband's cousin's friend's site (wow!!) and I thought that I would say "hi!" I am so happy for you that you are expecting a new little arrival! Girls are so much fun... headbands, dresses, bracelets, you name it! They get spoiled these days.

I would love to invite you to read our blog, if you would like! (It's set to private.) Just send a quick email to me at and I will send you an invite right away.

Good to see you again (via the blogging world)!

Melissa said...

Sounds like that baby has yet to make her debut. We are still waiting, too. I am at a 3 (as of last Thursday), but no contractions, so I think that there won't be any action for at least a couple weeks. I hope everything goes well with your labor... it is such an amazing experience!

Rusty & Helen Robson said...

heather I got your text today, thanks so much for letting me know your little one is finally here. I bet she is just beautiful with all that long blond hair. When your are feeling up to it. let me know how mommy is doing. congrates

shannonb said...

Heather, I found out yesterday from Michelle that you had Kathryn! I'm so glad to hear all is well with both of you. She sounds just adorable w/ all that hair. I can't wait to meet her! (and of course to see all the cute pics you'll be posting soon)

Erika Amezquita said...

Hi Heather,

I just wanted to say congratulations on your new baby girl!!! I just found out yesterday at the BDS and I'm glad everything went well. Cant wait to see pictures of her on your blog. Take care and good luck with little Kathryn.

Kenyon said...

WHAT?! I had no idea. CONGRATS! I cant wait to hear all the details and see pictures. I hope you are feeling o.k, and I want to bring you your present as soon as you are ready :)