Wednesday, October 15, 2008


So again my sister got ambitious when the peaches and pears were ready to order from Utah. I wish I would get ambitious for these types of things. Well at least she is. We bottled pears and peaches. Pears are quite difficult as you have to peal the pears by hand and then cut out the core. Its not like an apple where you can use a apple pealer and corer at the same time. It was a sticky mess. but they sure turned out looking good. Thanks Rachel for letting me help and take a couple home. At least I can start some kind of food storage for the future. Even if it is only 2 jars a month.

Yummy Pears

Yummy Peaches

Hear is what the little girls were doing while the mommies worked. Kathryn is still just as slobbery as ever.

This was September 15th and this was the first time I watched Kathryn move more then just a few crawls worth. She's so adorable. She is my little princess.

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