Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Weekend Getaway

We finished off our time share points in Flagstaff this last weekend. It was a really nice resort. We drove up Friday night and came home Sunday afternoon. We had a lot of fun taking pictures of Kathryn. She seems to be the center of my camera's attention.

I started reading Enders Game by Orson Scott Card out loud on the way up there so thats mostly what we did when we were in the room. And use the gigantic jacuzzi tub. It was more like a jacuzzi that you would see outside but it was inside and you had to wait for it to be filled up. It was fun having family swim time. It was seriously big enough for Matt and I and we could have fit a few more babies.

So I'll put pictures in of what we did. Kathryn really did a whole lot this time.
She Mini Golfed...

Played some pool.

Got Eaten by a hippo

and Kissed a bear,

she also met a baby bear.

She got so tired she decided to lay down on a park bench and became a bum for awhile.

She was the right size for the Waputki Indian ruins.
She fit in the doorway just right.

She was a sleep for this part but Matt got to see what natural air conditioning felt like at the blow hole.

Got to swing for her first time

We also got to go see Jupiter with 4 of its moons at Lowell Observatory and another set of stars. No pictures of that as it was dark already.


The Adams family said...

Look like you had a fun time! Glad to hear you made the best of your time share!

Linae said...

You are so cute and so is Kathryn! Enders Game was Casey's childhood favorite book ever, he still talks about it today!