Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Heaton Ranch a Family Gathering place

Well many of you know that my side of the family is big into having family reunions. Like a lot of them. We have one in July/ August for everyone. and then my Mom has just a Brothers and Sisters reunion in September. and then we have started a few years back having just a 1st cousins reunion in October. I have 65 1st cousins. For this one No kids are brought a long unless they are real little babies. Well I could have gotten away with bringing Kathryn but I decided it would be better to leave her home with someone. And as it turned out it was better that we did. It was so cold up there. I wouldn't have wanted to have her freeze and be cranky they whole time we were there. It would have been cool to have her see ther first snow there. It snowed all day Saturday and into the night. It covered the ground Sunday morning. It was beautiful.

So Matt and I had a good time enjoying the family and nature and golf and sleeping in for 3 days and my Sister Melissa who wasn't able to come watched Kathryn for a couple days and then my mom for Saturday and Sunday. I wanted to get golf pictures but the first picture I was going to take of golfing my camera died. stupid me not to bring the batteries with me.

So here are a couple of the pictures. I took.
I think we had 23 cousins there plus spouses we had abount 50 people there! The most we've had show up for the cousins reunion before! We had quite the experience this year. One of my cousins went on a walk around 4 by herself and then we all noticed she was gone at about 6:30 - 7. It was snowing and really cold that night so we started a couple search parties. It took us about an hour to find her. It was really scary. As it was snowing and there are streams all up and down the canyon. It was very testimony building to put the Priesthood in action and the power of prayer. Arthur, who's wife was missing was a wreck but got a blessing and looked so much better. He said afterward that he was thinking that there was not a better place for this type of thing to happen being with so much family and the sacredness of a family gathering place. One of my other cousins is very close to our grandparents who have passed away and said that my Grandma was there telling us to get out there and look for Michelle as she was in trouble. And When Michelle came back and was telling us what she remembered. She said she has a couple panick attacks and remembers saying that she didn't want to die out there and at that moment she had and extra feeling of energy and felt someone pushing her in the right direction. I'm sure that that was my Grandma keeping her safe. My Grandma was an amazing women. I have no doubt she was there this weekend and each and every weekend we are there keeping the family together.
Joanna and Jared Brimhall
Rachel and Mike Hanchett are the barely there figures in the snow picture.Kathryn got to play with my sisters Saint Bernard. Its just a baby can you believe it. 6 months old. This was a few days before but I'm sure that they played all the time. Kathryn loves animals.

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DaNelle & Kevin said...

That's fun to get away and hang out with cousins! Give me a call, you can come over anytime to see the puppies! Kathryn will love them!