Monday, February 23, 2009

Education Travel Culture

I just got trained to be a Community Coordinator with Education, Travel, and Culture, ETC. Education, Travel & Culture (ETC) is a Pacific Northwest-based non-profit organization providing inbound and outbound international exchange opportunities for high school students.

I'm really excited to start finding host families and placing students. This company really impressed me with all the credentials it has. It is fully listed with the CSIET Council on Standards for International Education and Travel. The Executive Director likes to know each of the students they bring over by name. I like that they keep it on a personal level even with their corporate staff.

If you are interested in being a host family please let me know. They are time restraints and availablity at schools. The student has to go to the high school in which you live. I can place a student anywhere in the US, so don't think this if for you if you don't live in the AZ valley! Students come with comprehensive medical insurance. Families are volunteers and are not expected to pay for student expenses. Students are responsible for their own personal expenses including school activity charges, class fees, clothes, travel expenses, entertainment, bus passes, long distance phone charges, and lunches purchased at school.

This organization has three different lengths of time you can have a student. 5 months for one semester, 10 months for one school year, or one Calendar year if you want a Korean student. They also have a short 2 week one in the summer.

If you want more information on the company please visit their website at

I would love to be your coordinator!


Becka said...

It was great to see you and your little girl the other day. They grow up so fast don't they!

shannonb said...

That looks like fun. Good luck. Kathryn is getting so big and so dang cute. I love her birthday pics. She looks so happy! Can you believe she's a year already? It seems like not too long ago we were at your baby shower. Boy does time fly.