Monday, February 16, 2009

Fun at the Zoo

My sisters Rachel and Shelley both have passes to the zoo so I get invited every so often. This time though it was Rachel Shelley and Jessica. It was fun to have more kids there. Kathryn still doesn't really get it but I think she really likes being outside anyway. We usually do the same loop most of the time. Rachel knows where everything is. We've been really lucky lately as we've seen the tiger out and sometimes in the tree, the Cheetah's and the bear. This time my favorite was the Walabee's or I like to say baby kangaroo's. I asked the Zoo keeper about them and they like to eat cheerios. I thought that was cool. Anyway Here are a few pics of the occasion. Kathryn really liked playing on the toys over by the petting zoo. I got a great picture of her on the play horse just before she fell off. I'm such a bad mom. Getting a great picture at the expense of my baby.
She's just the right size for the little people toys at the Zoo.

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