Thursday, August 6, 2009

Don't leave home without this...

Yesterday I went to the airport to meet my first Foreign Exchange student and I was so in a rush. I couldn't find the parking lot for ever. (who parks at the airport) I never park at the airport. always just meet at the curb or be dropped off. Anyway, So I was rushing in and was worried I missed her and her dad. I put her name on the messageing center and waited for close to an hour. But when I was about to leave they came off the plane. The Airline had lost or someone picked up the wrong bag. So they were like the last one's out of customs.

They are such nice people. She is from Mexico City. Her dad was so nice and offered to take me to lunch. We ate at Chili's in the airport. They are going to be spending a day here in Phoenix before heading off to Snowflake.

It is going to be such a fun year being able to get to know such a fun girl. She brought me a necklace from cancun which amazingly enough matches a skirt I just made yesterday. I'll wear it on Sunday.

I would post pictures but to my title of this blog. Don't leave home without your purse!!! I parked and rushed in with Kathryn and got to the gate and realized I didn't have my purse, wallet, camera all if it. I so hoped I had enough money in my change drawer in the car to leave the parking complex. I probably would have if we didn't eat lunch there but to no avail I got to the gate check out and I had 4 dollars and I put my little ticket in and it rings up 9 dollars. He said it would have been routine if i would have had a licence with me but since I had no ID or anything they had to take some extra steps cause of car thefts that happen. I sat at the gate for a good 10 minutes. Finally I got an invoice that I have to pay back in 10 days. The guy in the both was nice though. He was going to just pay the $5.00 and be a good servent but I think that's against their rules. I was going to say if you pay this I promise to send you the money plus double for your help but I don't think he would have given me his address.

Lucky for me I get to go back on Saturday and go and meet my next student. And pay the ISF invoice I got from yesterday.

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