Friday, August 14, 2009

New Creations

So I got some more ideas of fun clothes to make. Absolutely LOVE them.

First I made a skirt for me out of some left over material I had from my wedding. Love it!

Then I made this adorable dress for Kathryn. I had her wear it yesterday and I got two comments that it looked like it was store bought. I do think it looks amazing!

And they were EASY to make! who would have thought elastic thread could do so much to an outfit!


Rob, Michelle and Luke Greer said...

Did you do elastic threading on your skirt? We need to get together sometime so that you can teach me how to do it! E-mail me when you are free. Maybe next week?

The Youngs said...

they do look amazing! U should make a blog that shows people how to make awesome things like u!

Michelle said...

How fun!! Keep up the great work Heather! Kathryn looks amazing!!

shannonb said...

Those are great! And the dress looks so adorable on Kathryn. Aren't you the domesticated one? You have so many wonderful talents. I should be taking some pointers :)