Monday, August 3, 2009

Heaton Family Reunion 2009

We had a wonderful time at the Heaton Reunion this year. We left Wednesday after work and got there at 2AM. Kathryn does so much better when she gets to sleep a good portion of the trip. She even went to sleep fairly soon after we got there.

Anyway on Thursday it was a day of enjoying nature and getting used to having Kathryn out in the open all the time. Thank goodness for a lot of cousins who kept an eye on her.

Our reunions are at the Heaton Ranch in Southern Utah. It's a big ranch that is owned by my grandpa's brothers and sisters. So my grandpa gets a few weekends out of the year for just his family. This is where I get to brag about how big my family is. My Mom is one of 10 kids, I am one of 65 grand kids, and Kathryn is one of 200+ great grand kids that are still growing, and the great greats are growing too! We had probably close to 150 there this time.

Back to Thursday. The guys went golfing at Mt Carmel and the girls watched kids and chatted. We went on some walks and hikes and did swings and played in the mud and water. It was hard to give Kathryn Naps with nothing to contain here and noise going all around. But we got a few in for her even so.

Friday was when most people showed up. They did a huge work project of replacing the deck in front of the A-frame. It took most of the day on Friday. It looks great and know we won't get all scraped up when we get thrown in the pond.

We had an auction on Saturday to help pay for the reunion. Everyone brings homemade items to add to the auction and then we all bid on them. One of well all my Uncles are amazing wood workers but one of them brought up a bunch of wooden cups and earring holders. I got an earring holder, the best crocheted wash clothes, and a really nice picture of my Grandparents and Great Grandparents.

Matthew went with my sister Melissa and her kids with Kathryn to the Coral Pink Sand dunes. That is an awesome sight to see. Anyone looking for some great Dunes this is the place to go. Its about 20 or so mins north of Kanab. While they were at the Dunes I took part in the annual ponding. This is where all the guys get together and stock all those 'willing' to be thrown in the pond. I like this part of the reunion. Matthew thinks is barbaric but I think it's great. I get thrown in every year! We do have rules. No pregnant or nursing mothers. and No to those who really don't want to go in. Two years ago my Aunt Maxine was the sight to see, she being 81 but this year it was my Aunt Olive who I think is 68. She was the first to be thrown in christening the new dock.

It was so nice to see so many cousins I haven't seen in a long time. and Catch up with those that I see every year. I was even better to be outdoors the whole time. It rained on us on Thursday and then was so nice all the other days.

The Heaton Ranch is definitely Heaven on Earth.

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Jessalee said...

I really wish I could have made it this year, especially since my mom was thrown in. I don't think she has ever been thrown in before. We will be moving so far away very soon so I don't know when we will get to go again.

Looked like it was tons of fun from your pictures.