Saturday, July 25, 2009

Happy Pioneer Day

One awesome thing about being married to a guy from Snowflake is that we always have something to do for Pioneer Day. Snowflake has more festivities for Pioneer day then it does for the Fourth of July.

Matthew called me from work about 10:30 Friday and asked if I wanted to go up north and I said uh... Sure Why not get out of the heat for a few days. I'm so glad we did. It was so much fun!
We got up there just in time for dinner. And then we set up the bounce house and Chelsea, Dallin, Nathan and Kathryn had a blast. To bad they were getting irrigation that night or they probably would have played a lot longer that night.

Then at 7:30ish I looked at the list of events and saw that one of my friends from High School was doing a concert so I rushed over there to see the last half of her show. Melissa Solomon is one of the best singers I have ever heard. She just graduated from ASU in music. I'm so glad I got to see her. And congratulate her on having her first baby come this fall.

After the kids were in bed we played some card games with the parents and Brian and Julie. It was a lot of fun. Mom Weir totally kicked our trashes at Skip-Bo and then we played Quiddler. I don't remember who won but I do remember it was one of the longest games of Quiddler we've played EVER! To many dictionaries!

The next morning I got to go with Kathryn and the Grandparents to the parade. It was fun. Nice to be in the shade! Kathryn didn't understand the 'go and grab candy as they throw it at you' concept. Instead she liked looking at all the horses and did really well the whole time. Next year I'm sure she'll know what candy is and that its fun to run and get it from the street. I commented that going to the parade was better then Halloween. You just have to sit there and candy is thrown to you. You don't have to go anywhere!!

After the parade the girls made a few hair bows and then went to the annual BBQ. So YUMMY! Then Naps for the little one and me... Then we went down to the art's and craft's part. Last year we had a booth and most of the booths were necklaces which we had. This year it was all flower hair clippies. Like I've been making down home. It was really hot but actually nice in the shade.

We got back and we played outside. Kathryn loves Brian and Julie's dog Oreo. Actually she loves any dog! big or small. We played some killer rounds of Uno which I totally lost. Then another BBQ with the family. Brian got to try out their new grill. No offense Brian but I think I'll volunteer to do the cooking next year! ha ha

There was a huge dust storm that blew in for about 30 minutes during dinner that knocked out the power for an hour or so. But after that the weather was perfect. After dinner we spent the next 5 or so hours in the yard playing Croquet and horseshoes. Matthew and I Kicked some serious trash at horseshoes against Brian and Julie. We stayed for fireworks and then we headed home as I had to be home to church the next day for a new calling I was getting.

I told Matthew that I would love to come up every weekend just so we can spend some time outside. Its so blasted hot down here. I'm really glad I have a good excuse to go up there now to visit with Carolina the foreign exchange student that is going to be staying with Brian and Julie.

We had a lot of fun and well it's nice getting to see Matthew's family more often. We see my family all the time. So its nice to get away and see his family as often as we can.

Waiting for the Fireworks!!!


James and Onalisa said...

We are jealous that you were able to get out of the heat. Looks like fun. Kathryn sure is growing up.

Michelle said...

You always have something fun up your sleeve!! Glad you were able to have some good fun!!