Thursday, July 2, 2009


Rachel made the bright color one. I did the red green and black, the ribbon has lady bugs on it.

I made two Tutu's yesterday and a couple more felt hair bows. So much fun to make things at home.

Tutu's are SO EASY! Here is where I got the instructions. Make it and Love it. If any one has a little girl. This is a must have!

I got the Tulle at Hobby Lobby by the spool. I think that made it way easier!

I cut the pieces of this to on to be like 18 inches instead of 28. Makes a great small tutu, that sticks out a lot more.


Brandon and Melissa Brawley said...

I know it's been forever but I got caught up on your blog and WOW! You are super crafty THAT'S AWESOME! Brandon would love it if I cooked and did crafts like you do! :) And that's so so so awesome on your weight loss! I actually just started doing detox body wraps for people. It helps you loose inches. And it's not the kind that just takes water away either. Let me know if you are interested and we can get together! Have a good one!-melissa

Michelle said...

It's so much fun dressing up little girls!! They are all princess, huh?? I love the tutu's!

j&jwebbfamily said...

cute tutus!! Looks liek your little princess loved it. I love it with the ribbon on top. I also love the felt clippies I'll have to try those.